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COVID-19 Impact

Our plan for spring 2022 is to make accessible up to 90% of our "pre-covid" outside shopping area and 75% of our "pre-covid" indoor shopping area. We will still have an outside cash area to reduce transmission risk. Our staff will continue masking as we did last year. We voted on this and it was unanimous. We will also have established times when all of our customers will be required to mask (every day until 12:00 noon). After 12:00 customers will not be required to mask although a staff member may ask you to mask if you require extended personal help and are likely to be in contact with them for more than a few minutes. Regardless, if you are immune compromised and/or not willing to risk the "shopping experience" we will make every effort to accomodate you outside of our regular shopping hours. We are hopeful that, unlike the last two years, we will find enough staff to be able to return to our pre-pandemic opening hours. We are hoping that this balanced approach, where people concerned about an ongoing pandemic can shop in relative safety in the morning (or by appointment outside regular hours) and people who feel otherwise can shop the rest of the day, will prove satisfactory to all of our clientelle. Please remember before you berate our staff for wearing a mask that we are a seasonal business and we do half of our sales in May. We can't function even if only a few of our people have to take time off for COVID. Additionally, several of our staff are immune compromised. They are risking their lives to serve you. Please respect their masking choice!