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We have had a number of questions about our descriptors in our price lists: 1g=a container grown plant in a 1 gallon pot - generally a 2 year old plant (if its expensive its older). 2g=2 gallon, 3 years old, 3g= 3 gallon, 4 years old, 5g, 7g, 10g, 15g - add a year for each size up. Some plants are sold to us by height but many are sold by age. Once they arrive in stock then we will update our "In stock" lists with actual plant size. Growers have gotten away from sizing as the size of a 4 year old plant depends on the growing seasons that have impacted its life thus far. Plant heights are broken into ranges: 150 cm = 150-174 cm, 175cm = 175-199cm, 200cm = 200-249cm, 250cm = 250+. Trees sold by mm indicate the trunk diameter measured 1' from the ground. We will indicate a height for those trees once they are in stock. All of our trees and shrubs are container grown which means that they have been in their pot long enough (generally 1-2 years) to develop a good root system and are easily transplanted. We do not recommend or sell spring potted product as we want our customers to have a positve experience with their new plants. If you don't see the item you are after on a current inventory list then please send us an email. Trees/shrubs and evergreens are in short supply for 2022 but we'll try our best to find your plant.